Analog Paradigm by Anabrid

Newsletter #2

[Side view of a prototype THAT]

A lot has happened since our first THAT newsletter was issued a few weeks ago, so it is time for an update (we now have more than 800 subscribers which makes us really happy and proud).

Production and ordering

Version 1.2 of THE ANALOG THING circuitry and PCBs has been finalized. This is the version that will go into production. It fixes some minor issues that showed up during extensive tests of the prototypes. It also introduces additional circuitry to protect THE ANALOG THING against patching errors.

The web shop is now active so you can pre-order your own ANALOG THING!

THATs will be fabricated in batches of 100 pieces each. The first such batch will go into production in the next two to three weeks and we expect delivery in February 2022 if all goes according to plan (we, too, are affected by the current shortages of electronic parts, most notably ESD suppressor diodes but operational amplifiers etc. as well).

If we get more than 100 orders (we already have about 15 orders in our queue) additional batches of 100 THATs will be ordered subsequently. These will then become available (with a grain of salt regarding parts procurement etc.) in April/May 2022.

Application notes

[Hybrid computer setup with a THAT]

THE ANALOG THING already has provisions to facilitate its use as part of a hybrid computer setup. An example adapter circuit for coupling a THAT with an Arduino Mega 2650 board is described in this Wiki article. This example also contains the required firmware for the Arduino.

We also have a new analog computing application note introducing the "exponential mapped past" approach developed by Otterman in the 1960s. This advanced (and clever) approach allows computing mean, variance and even power spectra on an analog computer. If you have the need to process stochastic data that way you can easily use a THAT for that purpose.

The application note can be found here.


If you have questions regarding THE ANALOG THING, please contact us at