Analog Paradigm by Anabrid

Newsletter #6

Welcome to the sixth newsletter on all things THAT (THE ANALOG THING). We would like to update you on the current status of production and shipping and to share with you a few links to projects some new THAT owners have posted online.

Delays in production and test

Bringing a new electronics product to the market is challenging at the best of times - and it surely is a challenge during a global supply chain crisis! We thank all of you who are waiting for your THATs patiently for your understanding in this matter. This is not simply a matter of shipping THATs as quickly as possible. In many instances, it is a matter of weighing the speed of shipment against the quality of our product. And when this question presents itself, we prioritize quality.

Each THAT must successfully pass a 15-minute semi-automatic test procedure before being boxed and shipped. Unfortunately, the tests on the initial batch of PCBs we received from our manufacturer showed significant soldering defects, which contributed to shipping delays of several weeks.

What happened?

[photography of more then 20 documented errnous THATs]

This photo is a glimpse at our lab, where massive amounts of units are tested, debugged and repaired.

Shipping estimates

Order number Batch Estimated shipping date
AP1000 – AP1065 1.0 shipped
AP1066 – AP1250 1.5 May/June 2022
AP1251 – AP1700 2.0 June/July 2022

Beginning in July 2022, we expect to have enough THATs in stock to serve new orders immediately.

Priorization for educational purposes

For the time being, we are prioritizing customers who have ordered THATs for academic projects with fixed schedules. If your order is of this type, please do get in touch with us, and we will try to help accordingly.

Projects carried out with THAT

Here are some interesting reviews and projects that some new THAT owners have shared online:


As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions regarding THE ANALOG THING.

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