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This page is the central place About the The Analog Thing Wiki. As the name says, it is all about the product »The Analog Thing« and it's various applications. But also, it is a MediaWiki installation and kind of work in progress.

For new editors

If you are new to mediawiki, you are encouraged to read the Official User Help. There are typical pitfalls for new users, for instance How to start a new page.

Also, please don't be too confused with Discussion/Talk pages. We don't use them too much in this wiki yet, they only make sense with a suitably large community where discussion at some topics shall take place.

For advanced editors

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MediaWiki is heavily focussed on Media. For bulk uploading images (from the desktop), there are tools such as Commonist. But did you know that you can also include virtually any of the more then 75 million media files from Wikimedia commons into any article at this wiki? This happens transparently, there is no distinction between local and remote files when it comes to inclusion.

For advanced users, we have an article about Bulk Image Uploading.

TODOs in this Wiki