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A prototype of The Analog Thing with a program on its patch panel.
The Analog Thing is a nifty educational toy!

This Wiki contains documentation about The Analog Thing (or THAT for short), an affordable Open Source Analog Computer with a focus on education, hobbyists, programmers, scientists and everybody interested in non-traditional computing architectures. THAT can be assembled/recreated by anybody with a suitable background in electronics and some experience in soldering SMD components or purchased from anabrid. To learn more about THAT, please take a look at The Analog Thing FAQ.

We already have around 284 pages edited in total 880 times by 83 active users. We also have already 160 uploaded files which consume around 500MB.

What's in there?

The main entry points for this site document Hardware, Software and Applications.

Here is the category tree resembling a manual:


This wiki contains documentation of The Analog Thing and content created by the (growing) community of users. Contributions are welcome and much appreciated! There is no prescribed structure and you can just start adding your content. A decent amount of moderation is applied by the active users, but we invite you to create an account and start sharing your ideas and projects. As old versions of every page are automatically saved there is not much that could go wrong. This makes it easy to undo mistakes.

If you look for places to start, look for red links (here is a list of most wanted pages), for pages with "TODO" markers or with missing facts. There is also a page explaining this very wiki itself which might be of interest.