Open Source

From TheAnalogThing

The idea of Open source is essential for The Analog Thing. Anabrid wants to donate this computer to the developer and maker community in order to foster the knowledge about the analog computing paradigm. The product was designed by the same experienced experts who engineered the Analog Paradigm Model-1 computer, so there was a lot of time and commitment put on making a great and affordable (cheap, but not scrap!) computer.

For the THAT, all circuits, documentation and assembly instructions are publicy available under a permissive open source license. If anybody wants to recreate or even sell THATs, this is granted by the open source license.

The content of this wiki is also put under an Open Source license, see TheAnalogThing:Copyrights for details. This is important for anybody who contributes directly at this wiki.

Nobody is forced to put his efforts with THAT as open source. It is completely fine to build circuitery and even commercial products on the THAT platform.

If you have any questions, please contact anabrid.