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That's me

Hello, my name is Sven Köppel. I am the chief scientific officer (CSO) of Anabrid GmbH, the company that buils the The Analog Thing (among other cool and interesting things). My private website is

My work in this wiki

I am an administrator on this wiki and I currently run the wiki server. Since this wiki is currently still small, I don't recommend to use talk pages but instead contact me by sending mail to, with translating ö = oe.

I like wikis and worked with the underlying software, MediaWiki, since a long time. When setting up a installation of the MediaWiki engine, the popular Wikipedia (Wiki based encyclopedia) is always some kind of reference.

In order to see my contributions, please go to Special:Contributions/Sven to see my contributions on this wiki. See also TheAnalogThing:About for some open issues about the wiki installation itself.


Here is a list of articles I have written in my user page domain: