Analog Consultation Hour

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Meet us in a Zoom!

The Analog Consultation Hour is a periodic virtual question and answer webinar taking place in a Zoom channel. The participation is free of charge and requires no prior registration. The meeting language is English. Moderation takes place by anabrid. The overall length of this webinar shall not exceed one hour (=60 minutes).

The main focus of this meeting are questions around The Analog Thing (such as: usage, programming, debugging but also order and shipping questions). However: All kind of questions are allowed. Particular problems which require intensive discussion and are of no interest for broad audience can lead to breakout sessions. This is a function of Zoom allowing some participants to move to some other room for a short amount of time.

Our motivation is to collect requests within a single meeting, as many questions can be answered in a single way. For us, this is an experimental and new format. If all participants agree, we will also try out video recording in future sessions in order to make it easy for people to view the session afterwards who could not join in person.

Place (Zoom link)

This zoom link should allow you to join the meeting: There is no password but a waiting room.

Days and Times

The biweekly meeting will take place at Sundays 6pm Berlin time (CEST). The first meeting takes place on Sunday, May 22nd, 2022. All upcoming meeting times are therefore:

People all over the world are interested in analog technologies. For the moment, we decided to make a time which is suitable for people in Europe and America. We also decided to make the meeting at the weekend in order to simplify the stress on all our calendars. Times and dates might change in the future to include also people in Asia. If the format is accepted by lively participation, we certainly will also offer more dates.