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Screenshot of the software

Oscilloppoi is a Mac OS X application that can be used as Software Oscilloscope and is authored by Toshiro Tanaka. It costs $1 in the Mac OS App Store, direct link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/oscilloppoi/id1102313524?mt=12


According to the app store:

  • Dual Channel.
  • Math Operations - Add and Subtract.
  • Trigger Mode: Normal, Auto and Single.
  • Trigger Holdoff.
  • You can choose the internal signal instead of sound input.
  • Internal Signal: Sine wave, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square and so on. These waveforms are editable.
  • X-Y Mode.
  • Support for input from multi (more than two) channel device.

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Mac OS oscilloscope software

Mac OS - Oscilloppoi

This is a very handy software solution, available over the official Apple App Store for a symbolic price of approx. just 1 € while the solution is very fast and has many interesting options including the XY mode. The default controls with the round knobs are a bit tricky to use (turned in a circle) but can be replaced with sliders in the configuration.

It is a dual channel oscilloscope software with XY mode as well and has an inbuild signal generator for use with audio outputs or also as input channel. Oscilloppoi works very well in the frequency range of 20 Hz up to 20 kHz while showing some distortions in the sine waves at more than 10 kHz. This is related to the maximum sampling rate of 48 kHz on the audio channel. The software has no voltage shown on Y axis but using the scale factor 4.5x is showing a signal with approx. 5V/div.

Two signals displayed in XY mode

In single trigger mode you can display a single trigger event for further investigations. At any point screenshots can be made with CMD-C and are copied to the clipboard and easily copied in any other software for documentation or other purposes.

Features of Oscilloppoi:

  • Dual Channel with XY mode
  • Math operations (add and subtract of signals)
  • Trigger mode Auto, Normal, Single with Holdoff
  • Internal signal generator with sine wave, triangle, sawtooth, square and wave editor

Oscilloppoi App from Apple App Store