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Digital simulation often includes an abstract representation of a circuit, here as in the example of the DDA language

Digital Simulation of Analog computers is a straightforward thing when it comes to learning analog computers without having analog computers. It is also quite interesting for going in depth of understanding the theory and limitations of analog computers.

In general, small circuits can be simulated even by small digital computers in real time. Therefore even an in-browser solver for analog computer simulation is applicable. The bigger the circuit gets, the more drawbacks by digital (numerical) attempts will happen.

The Analog Thing is a purely analog computer, without any digital (Hybrid) computing parts. Therefore, we don't have a particular focus on linking simulation technologies but we support any community effort.


In case you are interested in simulating analog computers and describing circuits in programming languages, you may be interested in our code You can find the documentation at This project is not related to The Analog Thing at all and is more a link for the curious.