Win Soundcard Oscilloscope

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The WIN Soundcard Oscilloscope is a Soundcard-based software oscilloscope for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The freeware can be obtained at, there are also commercial licenses available.


The software is quite feature complete for a softscope.

  • Supports two channels in both Y/t and XY display
  • Loopback inputs are also possible

We also had success running this software on Windows 10 in a VirtualBox on Mac OS X.


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Win Soundcard Oscilloscope

WIN - Soundcard Oscilloscope

A software solution for Windows user is the Soundcard Oscilloscope from Christian Zeitnitz which is free of charge for private use. The software runs under several WIN versions like 7/8/10 and was very stable during tests. A calibration factor of 2.5 in the settings gives an approx. good result of the input signal of 1V amplitude.

The software supports dual channel display including XY mode and has also an inbuild signal generator. Additionally this software has a feature of FFT to show the Fourier spectrum of a signal.

input may be need change to stereo under Windows

Features of WIN Soundcard Oscilloscope:

  • Dual Channel with XY mode
  • Math operations (add, subtract and multiplication)
  • Frequency analysis
  • Trigger mode Auto, Normal, Single
  • Internal signal generator
  • Audio recorder to record incoming signals to a file

There was a small issue with the audio input device we used. WIN 10 recognized this as a mono device (microphone) only while it supports stereo line in. This issues can be solved in the WIN configuration, selecting your audio input device and set the configuration option to Stereo with 48 kHz Sampling frequency.

Windows Soundcard Oscilloscope