Software Oscilloscopes

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What follows is a curated list of Software oscilloscopes (also abbreveated as Softscopes). While basically any modern digital Oscilloscope is formally a softscope, we want to discuss here only software running on commodity/consumer level hardware such as on

  • Desktops and Laptops: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Mobile devices: tablets and smartphones
  • Embedded: System on chips and microcontrollers, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino

For data aquisition, several techniques exist:

  • Soundcard input for mono or stereo audio recording
  • ADCs on boards for analog to digital conversion, typically embedded within microcontrollers

List of software based oscilloscopes

Data aquisition tools

We will soon report additional solutions and projects for data aquisition based on barebone microcontroller boards with ADC shields to digitize the analog signals.

Microcontroller/System on Chip based input: