Visualization of computing results

Every analog computer and the model of a to be solved problem is only as good as its computing result presentation.

Simple solutions in form of static values can be displayed with a voltmeter. The panel meter on a THAT can be used as output device, it is connected to the u output panel and will show the current voltage. Note: It will only show the voltage value in operation mode (OP)

For most applications it is necessary to visualize or document results over time, where chart wirters or oscilloscopes are used.

Chart writers are commonly known from seismographs, where the vertical or horizontal surface movement is documented by drawing said movement on a long moving sheet of paper. While chart writers are ideal for the usage in seismographes, oscilloscopes are much better suited for electrical analog computing because they usually cover a much larger range in respective to time scale and resolution. Also the results of electrical analog computers come in voltage which makes oscilloscopes the tool of choice.

While most programs require the presentation over time (x,t), it can also be required to display results in dependency of each other (x,y), sometimes referred to as horizontal mode in oscilloscopes.